Have cameras, will travel

I shoot with a Canon C200, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon SL2, lights and sound gear.  I can single hand a shoot or put together a crew on short notice.  I have extensive interview experience and excel at chasing story.  I am mobile and can operate from two cases or a backpack.  People talk to me and I listen well.  

Two days of shooting are in the can

We are telling the story of a survivor of trafficking with the re-creation of key moments of her journey.  K. Victoria (Tori) Chase is doing a masterful job along with John Paul Andrews, Rick Barnett and Shawn Durham, our actors.  Special thanks to Quin Paek and his beautiful images.  The survivor and her lawyers manifest compassion, determination and perseverance.  They are heroes.  

Shooting begins June 12

It's getting real.  We start shooting June 12 in the studio.  We move to the streets later in the month.  The script is nearly complete.  The vulnerability and strength of this survivor of trafficking are stunning.  The lawyers who helped her saved a life.  

Casting is complete

We had more than 95 applications and auditioned more than 25 actors in selection of the actor to play the survivor of trafficking and the actors for the undercover cop roles.  Our team is really happy with the results and we look forward to shooting in June in DC and Alexandria.  The remarkable story of the survivor and the lawyers from the pro bono legal organization who helped her makes this an exciting project to develop.  More to come soon.

Casting for our new project in the District of Columbia

Casting is underway for our project about the survivor of trafficking.  We are casting for a female, age 18-25 to play the survivor as she struggles to clear her record in order to find employment.  We are casting for three persons ages 25-45 to play undercover cops.  

This is a nonunion, paid gig which will be shot in June-July in the District of Columbia.

If you are interested, contact daniel@millsoffice.net with your qualifications.